About Us

Around 60 older people each week enjoy one day or more at Ryders Green.  Initially, some are reluctant to try day care and it is their family who are keen for them to pursue some independent interests.  However, the majority say that 'we wish that we had joined the centre years ago'.

We cater for older people with physical disabilities, those for example who, whilst they can stand cannot walk.  Our premises are completely wheelchair friendly.  All Day Centre staff are trained in 'moving & handling' and if necessary people can travel to the centre in their own wheelchair.

The aim of Ryders Green is to provide a warm friendly environment where members are free to express their needs and wishes.  All our work is informed by ant-oppressive and ant-discriminatory practice both in our dealing with service users and colleagues.

Ryders Green is a happy place to be and it provides a dimension to older people’s lives that many felt was gone for good.

When visiting new members, we often ask if they ever feel that every day is the same?  You get up in the morning, possibly with someone to help you, and then you spend the rest of the day alone or with very little company.  Is this you?  Then Ryders Green Day Centre may be a place which makes a real difference to your life.

If you are a carer for an older person and need to manage work, or other caring responsibilities, or indeed your own ill health problems, perhaps you would like to visit Ryders Green to see if we could help you.  We can care for your older person, give them another interest in life and provide some respite from your caring role.

If you require further information please contact us by telephone or drop in.